Get Ready For Your Turnkey ADU in 2020

There are new California ADU Laws in 2020 will make your ADU life much easier.

Community activists continued campaigning after the initial laws passed and this year the state legislature passed a series of laws under AB 68 that will take effect January 1, 2020. Those laws include Assembly Bill (AB 881), Assembly Bill (AB 670), Senate Bill 13 (SB 13), and Assembly Bill 68 (AB 68). The new laws are intended to address the ongoing housing crisis and to make ADU development easier. We list the five main aspects of new ADU law here that support getting ADUs built.

It is important to understand that all jurisdictions can create more lenient or liberal ordinances allowing owners to create ADUs that are larger and taller than the State minimum. Jurisdictions like San Mateo County, for example, allow for two-story ADUs. When putting together your ADU project plan, be sure to check with your local jurisdiction for ordinances that support ADU construction.

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