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TurnKey ADU Update: Manufacturing In 2 Weeks!

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Hello and thank you for your interest in building your ADU project. We wanted to provide a supply chain update. During 2021 we have had a raw material shortage and a high demand which created a backlog and delay in the finished products.

Since that time, we have solidified 2 new manufacturing centers with a production line capable of producing an ADU structure within  2 weeks! Attached is a sample PDF of one of our manufacturing centers.

We would like to schedule a time to discuss your ADU project details to provide you with your dream ADU. Call Us Today.

Thank you, Team TurnKey ADU. 

Benefits of
Cold-Formed Steel For ADU Building

Cold-formed steel (CFS) has numerous benefits for the construction and maintenance of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) in California. The CFS metal reacts predictably under many stressors and loads, enabling engineers to make precise determinations about various load factors and required thicknesses of steel specifically for residential uses.

  • CFS has great strength and stiffness and will not crack, split, deform or shift from its location or grow and compact dimensions like that of traditional wood structures. Steel’s strength allows designs with longer spans and other features not feasible with other materials.
  • CFS has a high strength-to-weight ratio, up to 25 times greater than traditional wood beams and wall material. Less steel is needed to frame an ADU resulting in a lighter frame and simplified construction.
  • CFS buildings are non-combustible and can decrease your insurance rates and builder’s risk.
  • Since CFS is a metal product, it is resistant to rodents and pests, especially termites.
  • CFS steel can withstand high winds and seismic activity which is a perfect compliment to certain areas of California.
  • Due to CFS’s sustainability, it is 100% recyclable and we utilize a minimum of 30% of recycled content.

Our Most Popular ADU Floor Plan for 2021

3 Bedroom | 2 Bath

Vertical Build starting from

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Turnkey ADU

Turnkey ADU is your one-stop accessory dwelling unit (ADU) partner for your next project in Southern California. From design, city approval, direct factory build, delivery to final inspection.

Our specialty is in delivering pre-fabricated units of the highest quality, at a fraction of the cost of custom-built units. Our team of experienced realtors, designers, home builders, architects,

Our Most Popular ADU Floor Plan for 2021

Standard Model ADU Floor Plans

Azalea ADU 360 SF

1 Bedroom | 1 Bath

Vertical Build starting from

Poppy 600 SF ADU Model

1 Bedroom | 1 Bath

Vertical Build starting from

3 Bedroom | 2 Bath

Vertical Build starting from

3 Bedroom | 2 Bath

Vertical Build starting from

2 Bedroom | 1 Bath

Vertical Build starting from

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